Augmented Experts

Michigan City entrepreneur launches Augmented Experts

Tempesta Media CEO Michael Marchese recently built a platform that combines artificial intelligence and industry expertise.

Tempesta’s headquarters were moved from Chicago to Michigan City in 2019.

Augmented Experts is designed to help companies with business to business (B2B) content marketing. B2B content marketing is using written content to engage and expand a business audience.

Marchese’s platform connects companies looking for content with industry experts who will use artificial intelligence to reduce their writing time, saving companies money. Companies will be able to collaborate with industry experts to create original, SEO-optimized content. Augmented Experts is based on over 1 million lines of computer coding.    

“AI can’t replace deep industry expertise. However, AI should not be ignored,” said Marchese, the company’s founder, in a press release. “It can help streamline and automate more mundane tasks, leaving space for creativity and strategic decision making.”

Tempesta Media was honored in 2022 by the Economic Development Corp. of Michigan City for its business investment in the city.

Tempesta Media worked with over 27,000 industry experts to create content for over 400 customers.

Marchese has served on numerous committees for the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, the Mobile Marketing Association and Interactive Advertising Bureau. He founded the SEO and Content Marketing Executives of the United States. Marchese has been in the industry for the past 25 years.


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