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Hitachi Global Air Power debuts new air compressor series

Michigan City-based Hitachi Global Air Power recently announced the launch of the new Sullair TS Series industrial air compressors.

“The Sullair TS Series is changing the game in the industrial compressed air market,” said John Randall, president and CEO, in a press release. “Our goal is to design machines that answer customer need – particularly the need for higher efficiency – and our engineers delivered.”

The Sullair TS 190-260 Series receives high marks for efficiency, according to data published by the Compressed Air and Gas Institute’s third-party verification program. Efficiency and reliability are key considerations in compressed air systems. Compressed air is widely used in industrial manufacturing. It can account for as much as 10% of a facility’s energy costs.

“Achieving significant efficiency improvements in our compressed air products helps not only the environmental impact of our customers’ operations, but their bottom line as well,” said Tom Poczekay, vice president of engineering.

Poczekay said the new Sullair Series is exciting because the company’s engineers re-thought the way a two-stage compressor moves and compresses air. The company aimed to create a compressor that was more efficient, reliable and durable.

“The redesigned two-stage air end sets a higher standard for efficiency and is another step forward in our new era of customer-centric, environment-forward innovation,” Randall said. “It truly represents Hitachi ingenuity at its finest.”

Hitachi Global Air Power is a global industrial compressed air manufacturer. Their air compressors are used in a variety of manufacturing operations, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and computer chips. As part of Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co. Ltd., Hitachi Global Air Power operates factories in Michigan City and Suzhou, China, and has sales offices in Europe, Asia and South and Latin America.

Caption: Sullair TS Series industrial air compressors (Provided by Hitachi Global Air Power)


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