Tristan Gaston

Economic Development Corp. Michigan City welcomes projects coordinator

The Economic Development Corp. Michigan City recently hired Tristan Gaston as special projects coordinator.

Gaston will help connect community members to resources and answer questions about EDCMC’s services. He will also synchronize the office and team members, perform bookkeeping and prepare marketing materials and presentations.

“I enjoy my role simply because I am using my talents to help grow our community,” Gaston said in a press release. “I look forward to helping create opportunities for others to flourish here in Michigan City.”

Clarence Hulse, executive director, said he is honored to have Gaston as the point person.

“Our strong team is necessary to keep our development on track while we not only welcome new businesses and community members but also keep working toward creating a unique and vibrant place for all of our residents, tourists and beyond,” Hulse said.

Hulse added that the EDCMC has seen growth in Michigan City. Gaston would like to build on that momentum.

“I hope to make an impact on the city’s development by being able to bring new ideas here and helping businesses expand to the point where individuals and families will be enthusiastic about not only visiting but also living here,” Gaston said.

The Economic Development Corp. Michigan City works to attract new businesses and strengthen existing businesses in the community. The organization provides services, programs and one-on-one assistance. It also works with entrepreneurial-focused programs.


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