South Bend

IRA Investing pairs South Bend with Greensboro, North Carolina, for retirees

South Bend has more in common with Greensboro, North Carolina, than some might think. Some snowbirds know this already.

Besides the obvious difference of cold vs. mild winters, the two towns offer similar historical, green and cultural attractions.

IRA Investing took notice when it asked 3,000 retirees to weigh in on their “ultimate retirement destinations combinations.”

The two towns came in 27th: South Bend in the summer and Greensboro in the winter. Retirees said they found the balance of a Midwestern town and the proximity to the Piedmont Triad “particularly appealing.”

South Bend’s charm as a university town and Greensboro’s active art scene also made the two an interesting duo.

Other retirement combinations that include Indiana destinations are:

  • No. 35: Evansville and Houston, Texas
  • No. 53: Fort Wayne and Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • No. 88: Indianapolis and Tucson, Arizona
  • No. 114: Bloomington and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

“Whether it’s the allure of mountain ranges, the tranquility of beaches, or the vibrancy of urban centers, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding one’s perfect retirement escape,” said Tim Schmidt, founder of, in a press release. “The result of our survey speaks volumes about the expansive, dynamic choices that the U.S. presents to those looking to make the most of their golden years.”

Florida-based IRA Investing was founded in 2012 by Tim Schmidt.

Caption: Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, now U.S. secretary of transportation, made an impact on South Bend, including popularizing the notion of bringing the Shore Shore Line trains downtown. (Photo by Doug Ross)


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